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Why choose the Solicitor's Office of JUDr. Jakub Mandelík, s.r.o.

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The solicitor's Office of JUDr. Jakub Mandelík, PhD., was established in January 2008 and its founder has acted in the legal profession since 2004. The solicitor's office has undergone dynamic development since its establishment. Due to the increase in clients and associates in 2010 and 2011, the office was transformed into a limited liability company in May 2011. This legal form guarantees the clients a clear structure of the relationships created when providing legal services.

Since the office first operated, the aim of its founder was to provide clients with excellent legal services, always in accordance with the current needs of the client and give full satisfaction as far as possible. Our office strives to provide comprehensive services and therefore meet the client's individual requirements. For this purpose, the office provides legal services in close cooperation with specialists in other areas and advisory services. The office provides our clients with complete legal advice in Slovak, Czech and English, as well as in other languages via our employees and partners. We obviously maintain confidentiality of all facts given by our clients when providing legal services.

Our solicitor's office has an insurance contract with insurance cover of €1,500,000.

Comprehensive legal services for clients.
A fast, professional and personal approach.
The client's interests are our interests.We guarantee reliability, a high level of professionalism and discretion. We will also meet your extra requirements.
Tradition, position in the market, stability.When providing legal services, our solicitor's office can use its abundant know-how, plethora of experience and wide and varied group of clients which includes entrepreneurs and private individuals, both domestic and foreign.
We are not an anonymous office. Our legal advisory service is based on personal contact with clients. Our office is in the city centre and is easily accessible. If time is tight, we can be accessed online via all modern means of communication.
We minimise your costs. We work efficiently and therefore economically. You are always informed in advance of the costs of legal services provided. We do not incur costs without your consent.
We meet deadlines. During our cooperation, you will always be informed of all the steps we take; we respond immediately.
Contact us under no obligation, we will respond immediately.