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Commercial - corporate law

Commercial companies and corporations

  • establishment, changes, transformations (merger, division, etc.), registering companies in the commercial register
  • Due Diligence – legal audit of commercial companies in acquisitions, division of a company, transactions related to estates, legal audit of claims, preparation of contracts based on the results of legal audit
  • assisting in the activities of corporate company bodies, relationships between partners and statutory bodies, organising general assemblies, changes in company bodies, increase and decrease in basic assets
  • protection of companies from unfair competition

Commercial arrangements and recovery of debts

  • preparing commercial contracts, securing liabilities, leasing contracts, claims including the recovery of debts at home and abroad

Bankruptcy and recovery

  • representing debtors and creditors in bankruptcy (recovery) proceedings, debt relief
  • insolvency proposals, lodgement of claims, incidental proceedings

Bills of exchange and the law relating to cheques

  • lodging claims and representation in court proceedings


  • complete processing of legal documentation for tenders
  • providing legal assistance in addressing the dominant position of a competitor in a relevant market and forbidden cartel agreements
  • providing legal assistance in merging competitors
  • representation in proceedings before the Anti-Monopoly Office of the Slovak Republic