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Our services

The solicitor's office provides legal services in all areas of Slovak legal regulations. Advisory services include the preparation of contractual documentation and other legal actions, as well as applying rights arising from them, including representation before general and arbitration tribunals and before the Constitutional Court of SR. Depending upon the circumstances of the case, the solicitor's office also represents the client before the appropriate state authorities and institutions, or possibly other subjects significant to the particular case.

We mainly specialise in the area of commercial law (recovering debts, the corporate area, bankruptcy and restructuring) and civil law (legal advice mainly in the area of compensation for injury caused by traffic accidents, injuries at work and work related illness, as well as assisting victims in claiming their rights to compensation for damage incurred as a result of damage to health caused by medical negligence - non lege artis).

Thanks to the specialist qualifications (theory and practice) achieved by JUDr. Jakub Mandelík, PhD, the office specialises in traffic accidents (the ability to evaluate and legally assess the technical conclusions made by road transport specialists).

Legal services provided in the main areas of:

Commercial - corporate law

Civil law

Traffic accidents

Insurance law

Medical law

Employment law

Conveyancing and construction law

Copyright law and intellectual property law

Constitutional and administrative Law