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Civil law

Responsibility for damage and the protection of privacy

  • claiming compensation for damage to health and damage caused in traffic accidents, injuries at work and work related illness in and out of Court proceedings
  • assistance for victims in claiming compensation for damage caused to health due to medical negligence - non lege artis
  • actions against the state and representation in disputes with the state authorities (compensation for damage caused by an illegal decision or an incorrect official procedure)
  • actions for the protection of privacy, the good reputation of physical and legal entities

Administration and debt recovery

  • lodging claims including the recovery of debts at home and abroad
  • processing contractual documents for transferring debts, securing debts, etc.
  • executions against a debtor's property, representation in execution proceedings

Property relations

  • preparing contracts and transferring property, disputes related to determining ownership rights, settlement of property co-ownership, marital property, liens, pledges