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Solicitor's fees are stated in the decree of the Ministry of Justice SR No. 655/2004 coll. regarding solicitors fees and charges for providing legal services as amended.

VThe level of solicitors fees is mainly by agreement between the solicitor and the client as well as upon the particular legal issue and the number of legal services carried out in this matter. In our solicitor's office, we always agree the solicitor's fee and fees for legal services in advance.

Pursuant to § 1 Decree No. 655/2004 coll., the solicitor may separately agree with the client upon the level of fees for the legal assistance provided. The level of fee must not be in contradiction with good ethics.

In our solicitor's office, it is possible to agree on the following fee methods:

Hourly fee

An hourly fee is agreed depending upon the number of hours necessary for providing legal services.

Flat fee

A flat fee may be agreed for

  • the provision of legal services within a certain time period or an undetermined time period,
  • for resolving the matter or matters.

Conditional fee

A conditional fee may be agreed in the form of a percentage share of the value of the matter which is the subject of proceedings before the Court or other authorities. The maximum level of an agreed conditional fee must not exceed 20% of the value of the matter which is the subject of proceedings before the Court or other authorities.

Tariff fee

A tariff fee is determined depending upon the number of solicitor's actions whilst the cost of one act of legal assistance is determined by agreement or in accordance with Decree No. 655/2004 coll. depending upon the value of the matter.

If there is no agreement about the value of the matter, the solicitor's fee shall be determined using the provisions of the decree on tariff fees.

It is possible to contact a solicitor by telephone or email and they will tell you straight away how much you would pay for legal services provided by a solicitor - a lawyer - from our solicitor's office.